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Info on AGP slots and their voltage

Discussion in 'Links' started by Glidefan, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. Glidefan

    Glidefan Don Booze Staff Member

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    GTX 1070 | 8600M GS
    From syntax_error (mod):

    AGP slot/card support status:

    If AGP 1.0 or 2.0 card is running in 2x, 1x mode it will use 3.3v
    If AGP 2.0 or 3.0 card is running in 4x mode it will use 1.5v
    If AGP 3.0 card is running in 8x mode it will use 0.8v

    AGP 1.0 slot supports 1x and 2x at 3.3v

    AGP 2.0 slot supports 1x and 2x at 3.3v
    AGP 2.0 slot supports 4x at 1.5v

    AGP 3.0 slot supports 4x at 1.5v
    AGP 3.0 slot supports 8x at 0.8v

    AGP 2.0 and 3.0 cards and slots overlap nicely. Hardly anyone has sold an AGP 1.0 anything for a couple of years now.

    The only real 'bender' to these rules is that some boards based on Intel chipsets with an AGP 2.0 slot do not support 3.3v (2x, 1x) AGP operation. These boards will usually feature a large warning sticker or be keyed to not accept an AGP 1.0 card.
  2. David Deed

    David Deed Don Alfa Terga Inconiti

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    Geforce 6600
    Im going to add on to this...

    I heard many people solving their problems by making their agp voltage at 1.7v instead of 1.5

    So if some of you have problems that drivers isnt fixing, try 1.7v on your agp voltage in your bios.
  3. BL1P

    BL1P Guest

    where exactly is the voltage for agp in you bios

    me using abit kg7_raid latest bios and i cant see it

    i see the agp 1x 2x 4 x and the other stuff but know voltage

    the only voltages ic are the soft menu III voltages for :-
    ddr and somthing else i cant rember :)
  4. STAB

    STAB Master Guru

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    4850 Vapor-X Sapphire
    i do not think all motherboards have an AGP-Voltage setting.

    My Motherboard at least doesnt so i guess i am looking for a new nForce2 chipset. i have sent an e-mail to a shop about the MSI K7N2-L chipset if it supports the voltage change through BIOS.

    I will update ASAP. If any1 has any info on that mobo though extra info would be most welcomed.


  5. Peter Rogers

    Peter Rogers Guest

    voltage settings

    I recently upgraded my system from a shuttle 266 mobo, to an ASUS P4G8X, and also replaced my processor from a P4 1.7, to a P4 2.4B,(533FSB).
    before I made any of these changes, my system was rock solid with all necessary latest drivers, (CAT3.1 DX9 etc).
    no lock ups, corruptions, stutters, squiggly lines, noises, nothing.
    so, you may ask, "if it aint broke dont fix it."
    well, like most of us we feel the need for speed.
    after the switch, I have had all the symptom everone has been complaining about, and some.
    I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown over this stuff, (many night, straight in from work, tinkering with settings and tests till 2/3 in the morning,) then starting over the following night , just to get the same problems.
    No one had an answer, not even ATI themselves, had a fix.
    until yesterday, came across a post, where some one mentioned, that upping his voltage a notch, made all the difference in the world. well, I welcomed the change, as at this point, I diddent care if I fried the damn thing, as at least I wouldent have too screw with it anymore, well people, I tried adjusting my voltage from 1.5 to 1.6, and would you believe it, not a glitch, not one, I even got as bold as trying all the 3d stuff on highest settings, as well as all the AA stuff, not a bloody sausage.
    You may wonder why this moron is waffelling on for so long, well, if you only knew how many hours I had spent tring too fix this issue, you would too. I have been too every forum on the internet, seeking answers too this problem..man, I am one happy camper.:D
  6. BL1P

    BL1P Guest

    which voltage did you increase and where is it in hte bios ?
    under what name ?
  7. Peter Rogers

    Peter Rogers Guest

    Blip, I increased the AGP voltage from 1.5 to 1.6, ive read since then that some had to go to 1.7, but mine runs fine on 1.61
  8. STAB

    STAB Master Guru

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    4850 Vapor-X Sapphire
    things like this make you wonder. What i mean is that if the card can run at 8x agp that means that it should only need 0.8Vagp.

    But people say that 1.6V or 1.7V does the job.

    I cannot see logic behind this.
  9. BL1P

    BL1P Guest

    thx peter for replying but the problem i have is i dont know where to alter the agp voltages

    i did get agp 128 to work by upping my vcore too 1.800

    i dont know if this is good or bad

    cpu is running at 47 idle and 53-56 when busy with say 3dmarks

    altering the agp from 64 to 128 has given no improved rattings for me on 3dmarks ? is that normal ?

    any way work time :)

  10. Thanks sticky fix lockups 9700np

    :cool: Thanks sticky!
    upped my voltage to 1.8 and I was able to play Wolfenstien for 15-20 min without lockups.

    This is the most time I have been able to play this game since installing the Sapphire 9700.

    I almost took it back after the most frustrating week of my life, for I could see what the card could do but couldn't enjoy it for mre than a couple of minuets on wolf and about an hour on ut3. Havn't tried BF1942 yet but heres hoping.

    My puter specs are

    amd 2200
    512 ram
    6.1 sound
    1 x cdrw & 1 DVD
    40 gb seagate barracutta - sorry bad spell.

  11. dream_gr

    dream_gr Guest

    wHAT ABOUT your power supply? How many watts?
  12. thanks everyone I fixed my game from crashing by increasing my agp voltage to 1.8v. This fixed my problem instantly. What a relief after a week and a half of frustration. This is partly due to Sapphires crappy support.
  13. lucevans

    lucevans Guest

    To STAB

    I think most people here talk about upping their AGP voltage to 1.6 or 1.7V because most people are running their 9700's at 4x AGP.
    I run mine at 8x on a Giga-byte 8INXP motherboard (or try to, when it's not locking up or crashing) and my "normal" voltage is 0.8V. My motherboard gives me the option of increasing the AGP voltage by +0.1 , +0.2 , or +0.3V. In an attempt to get some stability, I tried increasing it by +0.1V (didn't make much difference, if I'm honest). This, I assume, set the voltage to 0.8+0.1=0.9V.

    After doing a bit more searching, I'm currently looking at the Intel chipset drivers as a possible culprit: the set that ships with the motherboard on CD are older than the latest set on the Intel website, so I'm giving those a try. I've also flashed the motherboard BIOS to the latest offering from Gigabyte.

    I'm about to do some benchmarking, so I'll keep you informed...

  14. jkilla74

    jkilla74 Member Guru

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    MSI GTX 680 Lightning
    but if you have a mobo with the PCI/AGP lock, should you still raise the voltage???
  15. lucevans

    lucevans Guest

    As an alternative to upping your AGP voltage, can I suggest disabling fast-writes first to see if this solves your problem. It did the trick with my Hercules 9700 Pro / Gigabyte 8INXP motherboard... the mobo uses the new Intel E7205 chipset. Intel have admitted that despite the fact that they promoted it as an 8x AGP chipset, in fact it doesn't meet the AGP 3.0 (8x) specifications, and if your try to run it at 8x with fast-writes turned on (a.k.a. prefetch caching) it will lock up and/or corrupt data.
    After weeks of changing the voltage, changing the drivers, changing the graphics card, clean installs of XP and pulling my hair out, this simple thing has now given me a totally stable system (no crashes or hangs for 4 days now...) which gives the same 3DMark2003 score as it did with fast-writes enabled (when 3dMark didn't lock-up before it had finished!)

    This is just one more thing to try if you're having problems.


  16. irchs

    irchs Guest

    I have mine at 1.7, no lock up problems anymore.
  17. DriftedWind

    DriftedWind Guest

    ok...ok...ok... One question since im so dumb... Will going 1.6 to 1.7 on my 9700 pro enable me to oc higher and/or get more performance?!
  18. Wandriana

    Wandriana Guest

    Woooooot!!!! =)

    Heya all,

    I have an ATI Radeon 9800 pro (Sapphire) and I just wanted to say I also had lock-ups with a lot of games.

    I read the posts here, and since I had nothing to lose I gave it a try....and with succes! =)

    Since I placed the voltage to 1.7 from automatic on my A7V8X Mainboard I don't have any problems at all anymore =)

    I ran several tests to verify the stability of my system and I can say with a big smile that:

    2 hours unreal II is no problem anymore.
    1 hour unreal tournament is no problem anymore.
    3 hours of warcraft III isn't a problem anymore.
    1 hour age of mythology isn't a problem anymore.

    With lowest settings on the ATI control panel I'm getting 5090 points in Futuremark 2003 =) A LOT better then the lousy 1000 I got with my Geforce 3 TI200 =)

    Very glad everything works now,


    Athlon XP 2000,
    A7V8X Deluxe,
    1024MB DDr 333,
    ATI Radeon 9800 pro (Sapphire)
  19. neo1

    neo1 Member Guru

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    ATI AIW X800 AGP 2 Monitors
    I tried increasing my PCI voltage from 1.6 to 1.7 but I continue to get the error message that ati2dvtag goes into an infinite loop. The MS error report states this could be either the driver or hardward.

    After reading all off the messages on this forum and others I am wondering if they have poor quality control and some of us are just getting bad cards.

  20. neo1

    neo1 Member Guru

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    ATI AIW X800 AGP 2 Monitors

    The AGP voltage setting is in the BIOS. Do you know how to enter it? I have an ASUS board with an Award BIOS and I hold down the Delete key as the system starts. There are several pages of settings and some of the pages have a line that if you scroll down to it and hit enter you will get another page. I can't remember but on my system it might be called chip configuration.

    I only have 3 options for the AGP voltage (1.5,1.6,1.7). The default was 1.6. I increased it to 1.7 but still was having the crash with ati2mtag and ati2dvag (?) going into an infinite loop. I have changed another setting and will wait to see the results.

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