increase cpu multiplier lowers DDR 4 Speed

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    Hi I have Ryzen R5 1600 Gigabyte AX370 gaming K5 ( Bios F3 ). I am having trouble O\C ing in Bios Nothing seems to stay as i set it ( yes Im F10 and save ), But my issue is this Im using Easy O\C tool in Gigabyte App center, seems like OK tool. Im using CPU-Z to monitor my results.
    So I see that setting Multi to 38 im getting 3.799\3.800. However My Coirsair vengance LPX CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 ( 16 gig ) drops from 3200 to 2689 speed. Why dowe this Happen to my Ram as I raise CPU Multi?
    Now the BLCK ( which im gonna guess is the OLD FSB tool ) Im gonna say should boost my Memory back up to wards 3200 levels but might require Voltage adjustment to feed it, and increasse CPU speed as well, As ive heard Volts are Bad and Heat is worse for the ryzen ( mine is 65 volt ) I just discovered a Ryzen Wraith Max Cooler that came with my OLD 8370 had that at 4.85 for years but used as Noctura 14 to do that.Im gonna leave the Noctura on the 8370 for now as I understand head oom is very limited with Ryzen so i dont want to go overboard.
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    I'm not a Ryzen owner, but my first thought is to check for Memory multiplier and/or divider settings in the BIOS.

    Perhaps when you manually set the speed you are either lowering the speed of the bus the memory uses in conjunction with its multiplier. Or perhaps the bus speed stays the same but the multiplier reduces to 2.66 instead of 3.2.

    I would remove your OS app until you have your PC dialed in, it may be working against you by effecting changes in windows you didnt make in Bios, or vice versa.

    Good luck.
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