In-game resolution screw-up with 185.85

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    182.5 worked flawlessly for me, but I decided to install 185.85 since they had ambient occlusion + I was playing Mirror's Edge which apparently has a big performance boost in these drivers.

    I did get boost in Mirror's Edge alright, along with ****ed up AA (more jaggies were visible when moving) and stuttering every few steps (and there are a lot of them in-game). FPS dropped massively in FarCry 2 as well, but the REAL BIG issue I have is how in-game resolution (1280x1024 in all games, 85Hz refresh rate of monitor) is now all screwed up.

    The image is now shifted to few steps right of the monitor and the only way to see the whole game is to switch to 1600x1200 res (which I can, but at 75Hz). So anyone else having this issue with games running at native resolution? (1280x1024 @ 85Hz for me).

    This is happening in Doom3, GTA 3.. hell, even GTA 2, among other games. I guess the worst part is that after all these days, I am not really happy with low FPS in games and apps I was getting flawless performance with previous drivers. First time I have had such a issue with driver from nVidia (and I install a lot of betas). :wanker:
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