Important for VIA users (With problems after game loads)

Discussion in 'Links' started by Glidefan, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. hugh2d2

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    Think this will help my situation? My PC locks up when I try to play any game that requires 3D graphics or when I select the 3D Screen Savers that come bundled with XP. Nothing else locks it up. I've replaced the power supply, RAM and sound card, and tried a clean install of XP.

    I'm getting desprate to get back to Neverwinter Nights! Thanks for any input.

    System Mainboard
    Manufacturer : HOLCO (Shuttle)
    Model : VT8366-8233
    BIOS ID : 04/12/2002-VT8366-8233-6A6LVH28C-00
    System Chipset : VIA KT266/A,KT333 Chipset
    Processor Manufacturer: AMD
    Processor Type: Athlon XP 2000
    Processor Speed: 2.0 Ghz
    Operating System / Service Pack: Windows XP with SP1
    System RAM: 384 megs
    Video Card Manufacturer: Nvidia
    Video Card Model: GeForce2 MX/MX 400
    Video Card RAM: 64 megs
    Video Card Driver Version: 40.72
    Sound Card Manufacturer: Creative Labs
    Sound Card Model: SB Live
    Sound Card Driver Version: 5.1.2501.0
    Power supply: 300w
  2. MrOuija

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    GF2 MX 400 32MB/GF 7600 g
    i dont know if it will solve your problems,but it wont hurt 2 try
  3. B_e_a_n

    B_e_a_n Guest

    Nice one :D

    I've tried loads of things, and finally one that works.

    One interesting thing I've found, and not seen anyone else comment on, is that the *only* drivers I'd ever managed to get to work prior to this fix, were 27.42 - I hope this helps someone assuming they can't find a better solution :)
  4. I have another kind of problem for which there isn't any solution, it seems. 3D games freeze within the half hour, it usually takes 20 mins, and once i've been able to play almost 1 hour.

    I have the apparently unknown VT133 chipset (it's bullsh*t anyways) and an XFX Geforce 2 MX 400 64MB SDR PCI (so I assume it can't have anything to do with AGP stuff).

    I'm quite desperate here.. *sob*

  5. MrOuija

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    GF2 MX 400 32MB/GF 7600 g
    start a new thread for the attention,maybe it's an overheating problem
  6. I tried a new tread.. it's on the 2nd page already :( Overheating you say.... maybe, i'll try with case open and see if it crashes
  7. hugh2d2

    hugh2d2 Guest

    Looks like I had a bad Motherboard.

    I bought an Asus board this weekend and everything came right up and worked flawlessly!

    Thanks for all your help!

    - Hugh2D2

  8. neoKEN

    neoKEN Guest

    Thanks for the patch, so far I have only tried WAR3 for 30 minutes and *GASP* it don't crash no more!!!

    THANK YOU!!!

  9. neoKEN

    neoKEN Guest

    dam :[

    Well, it allows me to play longer at least and Window don't magically reboot, it crashes WAR3 but OS is still there. dam still crash! god.. no more AMD in my future.
  10. killer_007_

    killer_007_ Guest

    same here tried patch, no hope for me either hey neoken dose ure w3 give a fetal error? because games like cs i can play for houres and hours games like jedi knights 2 or war3 tends to crash, w3 gives me some gay error

    This application has encountered a critical error:


    Program: D:\Games\Warcraft III\war3.exe
    Exception: 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 001B:24602317

    The instruction at '0x24602317' referenced memory at '0x00004174'.
    The memory could not be 'read'.

    , lol i got alot of these in my error folder :(, soo many free wins for those noobs out there who play me

  11. neoKEN

    neoKEN Guest

    lol. WAR3 is running fine now though I don't play for hours straight. Usually I play about 30 minutes each session. CS I know I can play for hours no matter what patch even when WAR3 use to crash after 2-3 minutes. But I'm guessing it is because CS does not fully utilize the videocard like games like WAR3. WAR3 use a lot more extra features of the videocard i think.
  12. dyZ

    dyZ Guest

    this sounds a lot like my problem neoken ...

    i have doone many reformats and reinstalls

    sometimes i the games just hang the moment i load them ...
    sometimes when i attempt to join a game
    sometimes miraculously the reformat and reinstall helps but after sometimes the problems comes back
    i amnot sure what i did that made them work ..
    and a while back .. my CS runs perfectly fine but WC3 just hangs all the time .. and sometimes when i am on windows ...

    btw devices sharing smae irqs but no conflicts .. is it ok to let that stay ?
  13. neoKEN

    neoKEN Guest

    AFter my drive from Sacramento to San Diego with my computer. It is crashing tons more than I have ever seen it before. Right now I REALLY BELIEVE it is my ram. they are generic brand. My friend told me with his generic brand it use to crash a lot, but when he replace it with SAMSUNG ram, it never crashes. I'm gonna buy some name brand ram. GENERIC should be outlawed!!!
  14. mightygod

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    Thankyou very much to the person who started this thread about VIA chipsets.
    Words cannot express how much I appreciate your help.

    YOU ROCK :)
  15. robthebstd

    robthebstd Guest

    Saved my sanity

    I had this problem. Any Direct3D game would crash, usually a few seconds after starting. Tried all the usual, about 10 different Detonators or manufacturer drivers, different 4in1 drivers, directx9, flashed mb bios, reinstalled xp, unplugged everything, bois settings - voltage, agp settings (apature, driving value, 4x mode etc.). I even bought a 500 watt PSU to replace my 235 watt unit but nothing fixed it - untill I found this message. Installed this driver, rebooted, everything runs perfectly again. I was going mad trying to solve this problem. Thanks so much for posting this. Won't buy a KT133 chipset mb again but i'm happy enough for now. Will upgrade my CPU safe in the knowledge that my games will run.


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  16. ukbadge

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    Problem solved


    I just wanted to say that after months and months of getting Project IGI2 to work, the solution did the trick. Thanks mate!
  17. Magpie

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    Test Driver and a return to 30.82s don't help

    I get the same problem as most here with the BSOD crashouts and a refers to a problem with nv4_disp.dll and Windows identifying the device driver as causing the problems. Problem is I tried the "Test Driver" on this page and went back to 30.82s (and wiped out any remants of the older driver with a device called Nasty File Remover.

    But once back on 30.82s I still have all the same problems and it crashes on avis too! I never had these problems before so I know it isn't heat etc, all I did was upgrade (then downgrade) the drivers...

  18. sodabob

    sodabob Guest

    seems like my problem

    This is exactly my problem in Win XP. I haven't tried the patch mentioned in the first post of this thread, but it seems likely that it will fix my problem.

    Basically, my problem is that any driver newer than Detonator 4 v27.50 does exactly what you say, at least in Battlefield 1942: it loads a map, then 1-4 seconds later it crashes the game and drops to desktop OR often reboots the computer entirely. In Operation Flashpoint, however, the real-time 3D rendering that is happening behind the menu system seems to lock the machine up SOLID with the more recent nVidia drivers even before any mission is loaded.

    I sure hope this is the solution to using any driver I wish.

    In short, the reason I am posting is that I would suggest that if you have this problem, and the patch mentioned in the first post of this thread doesn't work for you, you might try to find the v27.50 nVidia Detonator drivers; unfortunately you'll have to search for them, since nVidia doesn't archive their drivers that far back (the v27.50 drivers are over a year old), though I suppose they may supply them upon request.

    Hope this helps someone out...

    -- Update 06.05.03 --

    I installed the patch mentioned at the beginning of this thread, and it worked wonders. I can now install the latest nVidia drivers with no problem.
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  19. I just thought I would add something to this maybe it will help some people, try adjusting your ram timings and make sure your agp speed is at 4x once I changed these I could play games again, tryed CS for 3 hours and wolfenstine ET for 2 hours w/o a single crash, before this cs would crash before the console got 1/8th the way up the screen and wolf would crash before the menu.
  20. Wu Masta James

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    ATI Radeon 9800XT 256MB 8x AGP
    Is there anyway to uninstall this driver. It made my games lock up now. I thought there would be no harm in getting it but I was wrong. I get an error when windows starts:


    I tried Clearing the CMOS, Uninstalling it with the setup file and what not, nothing.

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