I'm sooo F-ing tempted but I can't afford to risk it :)

Discussion in 'Consoles & console games' started by Reality|Bites, Mar 22, 2005.

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    lol man i wish!!!!!!!!! sry MiNi....not the rig in my profile.>>>>>>>>>

    this is the cpu "clawhammer/sledge hammer" the post was started about.
    im going to lower the vcore tonight and see if it will run stable at 2.750.

    this chip is one of the sweet ones. i have plenty room above 2.8 i could shoot for but im backing off @ 2.805 temps are great for fresh as5

    if i had better memory( im using everything>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    that is there, except now have the A8V Deluxe, and i have to say im very pleased with the board overall. rev 2 dated jan 05.

    the only problem i had was, after haveing nvidia chipsets for so long when i did my f6 for the sata drivers, ( youll get a grin from this :) i kept thinkin "man what the hell?????? after about 3 floppy's and maybe 10 trys.... it hit me DUHHHHHHHHHHH via chipset!!!!!! wont load nvidia ...lmao i was using my silicon 3114 sata driver floppy!!!!!..

    now im going to see how low i can volt this for stable 24/7 something around 2.6 area..

    i think with someone who is much more knowledgable than me, and who has really sweet memory could take this cpu over 3.0 stable np

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