I'm so dissapointed in you swiftech

Discussion in 'Die-hard Overclocking & Case Modifications' started by popkiller, Feb 3, 2017.

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    my first swiftech product was a 500grams copper dual fan cooling block for my celeron 300A, which made it possible to get it running at 512MHz 100% stabil...

    Such a good buy :D

    my second swiftech product was a H220, and after six months the waterpump bearings broke becuase of debris in the closed system.. but i fixed it because i have the tools to make a new on in ptfe, but after a year the pump died totally.

    was overjoyed by the superb peformance, and the support from swiftech. talked to support about fixing waterpump, and was allowed to do so without losing warrenty :)

    my third a maybe last buy was a H240-X2 Prestige, and i had high hopes.. but it was doa, can't get the waterpump running :/ (had it running once and then mounted water block, but it did'nt start when i powered up.. and haven't been running since)

    dunno if it's the pwm splitter or the pump that's dead.. and support from swiftech is less than none, they don't answer :/

    anyone who can help ?
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    Maybe this will sound stupid but have you tried tapping / shaking the pump ?. I had a H60 on my moms computer, the first time the pump doesn't run so i shaked it a bit and it started to work.
    I sold that H60 like 6 moths ago and is working just fine

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