I'm new here and have a question on my ATI video card.

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    I have an Acer veriton M261 and installed an ATI Radeon x300/x550/x1050 series card in 2010 only because the old monitor died and got a dell flat screen /19" wide screen so the Acer integral video device would make every look stretched . I also had to replace the power supply because to original died . It's now 450 watts .

    My main question is since I am still running XP Pro and as you know after years things build up and I wanted to go back to the factory set point and if I do I will lose the ATI Radeon drivers and CCC .

    I don't understand what the x300/x550/x1050 means other than perhaps screen resolution . I have it set at 1369 x768 32 bit color and it works fine. It's a dell 1360x768.

    I looked through the ATI site for the proper down load so I can save it on a thumb drive then down load once I go back to factory acer settings. I just don't know which download to use from their site and don't want to use the one that search's my computer.

    Everything works fine yet as time goes by it get slower when watching Netflix , it's fine for everything else.
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    I had the same issue with Netflix, it turned out that the latest drivers are the flaw. I recommend to stay with crimson 16.11.5 until they finally get their s*** together.
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    What's the actual name of the card you installed?
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    Any chance to see the exact kind of card you have? You can try running GPU-Z and sending us the printscreen.

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    If it's actually an ATI Radeon x300/x550/x1050 series and you want the latest official drivers



    Direct link http://www2.ati.com/drivers/10-2_legacy_xp32-64_dd_ccc.exe doesn't work due to AMD stupidity...

    Before you reinstall Windows (probably this is what u want to do) check if the downloaded driver install on your current OS just to be sure it will work after you reinstall the OS. There is a chance that it will install maybe because the dev id is missing in this driver.


    The x300/x550/x1050 is more of a generic name but it's enough to figure out what ATI series is. In this particular case it's ATi Radeon R300 Series PCI-E.


    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_graphics_processing_units#Radeon_R300_Series - PCI-E section not AGP one.


    No clue about Netflix never used that.


    Win XP is an old OS that doesn't really receive updates. But I did run Win XP SP3 recently for 2 months without even having an antivirus installed and it was clean after those 2 months of use (tested with Bitdefender rescue disk :p).
    Vista or newer will offer security updates (you will need to look for the windows update fix on the net if u don't want it to wait days to get the new updates...) but it can be slower than Win XP. If the gpu is ATI Radeon x300/x550/x1050 series then that's a dx9 gpu. If it was me using that pc I would had tried Ubuntu Mate/Xubuntu, keep in mind that I have no clue at what you use your pc and also I have no clue how easy/hard you adapt to new themes/applications (my father had a hard time when I changed his pc from XP to Vista, Vista -> Win 7 was without problems).
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    All I know is when I look in the device manager click on properties general tab it says

    ATI Radeon x300/x550/x1050 series
    Device type Display adapters
    Manufacturer ATI Technologies Inc
    Location PCI bus 1,device 0 function 0

    Then on drivers.

    Driver Provider ATI Technologies Inc
    Driver date 2/10/2010
    Version 8.593.100.0
    Digital Signer Not digitally signed

    I was on a computer site asking why my display was stretched and one fellow sent me this video card he had and a link to a driver that should work and it did . This card has a secondary I just have disabled to use with two monitors and a connector plug think it is round for a TV video . And of course the old type plug for the monitor .
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