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  1. Hey guys, i wanna flash my vga card, mine is an XFX 6800 GT and i wanna use the GAINWARD 6800 GT (no tweaks , just simple flash).

    I used NVFLASH -ba oldvga.rom to backup my bios in DOS, i need to know if i need NIBITOR and how to flash my new bios (commands).

    What i need to know is this please:

    I downloaded NIBITOR (latest), loaded the old bios and then loaded the new bios (gainward), do i need to set on this gainward bios the same parameters of the old XFX one?

    in the new gainward bios under ADV. INFO, there's the DEVICE:ID: 0045, SUB VENDOR ID: 10b0, SUB SYSTEM ID: 0403, BOARD ID:95D6

    My old XFX bios had this:

    Device ID: 0045, SubVendor ID:1682, SubSystem ID: 2103, BOARD ID:4007

    Do i have to set the new Gainward bios with the parameters of the XFX one? (i can edit em).

    Thank you. :p
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    Why do you want to flash it with the Gaiward BIOS?

    You can just edit your existing BIOS, by increasing the voltage and/or the core and memory speed.
  3. cause it's newer version old is 27/7/2004 while new is 5/2/2005, after 57 views of my post only 1 person answered, so to you Darkoz i say thanks, at least you replied. :rolleyes:

    I flashed my bios to the gainward one and card is fine, also it lowered my temp from 60C idle to 56C idle.

    it's sad i had to find the answer on my own though and with all the people upgrading/flashing/tweaking etc, i am surprised nobody replied but DARKOZ.

    it's ok, thanks ;)
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    what is exactly "flashing" a graphic card?

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  6. Thanks GIMP, i decided to flash after your PM cause i had the same problem and indeed it fixed it by flashing to GAINWARD one :D

    Best advice in years probably.

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