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If you have weird issues in games/ graphical assets not loading/settings not saving..possible fix.

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by oscare30, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. oscare30

    oscare30 Member

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    GTX 570
    Wasn't sure If this should be posted under the gaming section or O.S section since it relates to both so
    here goes...

    Recently I had some issues specifically in Final Fantasy 7 (the digital download version AND the STEAM version)

    First off, It would never save any of my resolution/graphic settings Secondly, When booting into the game and after the SquareSoft fades away Logo all I would get was a black background and music...I eventually , and "blindly" was able to start the game but the entire background was gone and only the character models were present....

    After MANY MANY frustrating searches I found that the problem was with
    a windows 10 update in which they added a new feature called Controlled Folder Access to prevent ransom ware from locking all your main folders for documents, music, etc
    I turned this off and FF7 loaded everything correctly.

    If you don't feel safe turning this off you can always add whatever executable/program to the allowed list

    The option can be easily found by typing Controlled Folder Access in the Cortana search box

    I hope this helps anybody with these weird issues...I was prepared to format my Win10 installation but with some digging I won't need to and hopefully you won't have to either!
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  2. 386SX

    386SX Master Guru

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    RX64 Red Devil
    This sounds helpful. Why don't you post it in here?: https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/windows-10-tips-and-tweaks.401262

    Because I think that is more generally Windows 10 related, it's about Controlled Folder Access. This one thing could block "all your programs", not only FF7. Therefore my advice.

    But nice find! :)
    ( I didn't know they added this, tbh.)
  3. Mufflore

    Mufflore Ancient Guru

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    Redacted by NDA
    I wonder if the exclude list will be left alone when the OS re-installs itself during a major update.
    Something to watch for.
  4. dsbig

    dsbig Ancient Guru

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    their was a also a bug with defender that effects chrome and firefox. that causes high cpu usage in firefox and chrome..

    which when I had defender enabled and using firefox..,

    my cpu for firefox when idle was at 20% usage and high harddisk usage.
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