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    Hello, I have been using RTSS combined with MSI Afterburner for a few years now, and I am currently running RTSS 7.2.3. I mainly only use it for FPS monitoring, using RTSS's "Show Own Statistics" feature. Up until very recently, the FPS counter was a specific font and style, shown here:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now, I'm not sure what changed, as I mostly left it running in the background without messing with it, but recently the style turned into this when using Vector 2D/3D:


    The font slightly changed, and it's overall slightly squished compared to the original. It's honestly a super nitpicky thing to notice, but after seeing it like that for upwards of three years now, seeing it change to this look is throwing me off. I've searched for a solution or explanation, but I've come up with nothing so far. It doesn't seem like any Raster 3D fonts match the old style. At this point, I'm almost wondering if this other style came from a completely different program, even though I've had RTSS and Afterburner running this whole time, and it is merely a cosmetic difference; no change in functionality.

    Even though it's a super minor thing, does anyone have any explanations on what's going on, or even how I could go back to the previous style?
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    RTSS font for Vector 2D/3D Modes is manually crafted and it has not changed during decades and since launching the very first version of RTSS in 2005. Such manually created blocky squared font shape is used in overlays to avoid raster font texture usage and minimize 3D pipeline state changes and resource management, it is quite common approach and there are multiple tools using similar font rendering way. So the fonts you presented simply come from different applications. Most likely it is GFE overlay.

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