Idea for ATT option. Dual refresh lock

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    Hi. I'm long lime ATT user, and I can say that it's best tool I used, but sadly I cant contribute with anything except an idea due to my poor financials!

    I can give idea for dual refresh lock option. U see, I'm still using CRT monitor on witch anything less than 100hz cause my eyes hurt due long time computer usage. Many newer games are optimized for 60 or 30hz and don't work well with 100hz(Assasins creed & darksiders and some more causing me problems,jumpy camera, and other bugs) I solved that by using frame limiter 0.2 to do 60 fps game limit, but he won't work if ATT is on. Again I solved it by exiting ATT forcing game to 60fps, alt-tabbing and running ATT, and by surprise game work at 60fps, and my screen refresh is 100hz(using refresh lock). Don't know does others have that problem, most my friends have cheep 60hz monitors and can't run newer games.

    Thank you & best regards! Srki

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