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    Asus RTX4070 OC
    Hi, I have 2 144hz monitors connected to my graphics card. One is 1080p and the other 1440p.

    I have tried to lower the idle power solution on the ARC card but with no luck.

    Adjusted the L1 ASPM in my bios and set the link state power management to Maximum power savings.

    Still I get around 40 watts board power usage on idle.

    On the new drivers they said that its should be fixed on dual monitor setup using the ARC.

    Any suggestions in resolving the high idle power usage?

    I have a Asus motherboard btw.
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    I have the new drivers and two 1440p monitors as joy...I have the A750.
    I did not try the original Intel workaround that you attempted, although if I recall correctly in addition to the steps you took it also required a few changes in the OS as well.
    I've read the Arcs do have a problem with either DisplayPort or HDMI....maybe the fix works only if monitors are plugged in using Arc's preferred port (sorry I can't remember which of the two it plays best with)
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    asrock 16gb 770 arrived here the last couple days, one 1440p@144 monitor via display port, ddu/safe mode

    L1 bios + max power save pcie energy save OS were already set, idle power draw 45-40w
    gpu clock 850-800
    volt 0.67 something

    asrock firmware upgrade tool is utter joke, downgrades to old version, fixes nothing, only works with secure boot off btw
    the one updater from github works fine, updated to one version higher (vs shipped), did nothing

    GARBABE will send it back.

    ps what i noticed after reinstalling the 1080, still using the L1 and max power save pcie OS setting, the cold boots and in general stability while idling is not very good, so there was probably a reason for mb manuf. to slowly abandon some of these options (for msi just the latest bios update introduced it, probably pressured by intel that is)
    can only speak for w11 here, never had that crap enabled on w10, but its not performing well, disabled both.
    also enabled LLC on 3, here is a negative cpu volt offset in place, so potentially should help.

    i wonder if those pcie energy save features also can affect nvme's? will report after some using the system more with these settings
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