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    So I've got a huge digital backup of all my ripped DVDs, and I'd like to add info to my movies, similar to how ID3 works for MP3s.
    I've tried using Media Center Master, and while it generates a lot of info, WMC doesn't seem to read it reliably. For the first couple days, it will let me see the movie's information (cast, year, codec) but then all that just disappears in WMC.
    Anyone have any other software that might work? Or how can I make the information stick in WMC?

    EDIT: Does anyone know where subtitles can be downloaded from as well? Some of my collection the kids have scratched the disks & I can't rip them again with subtitles.
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    i hope this helps

    as for the tags in the video, i have never come across anything (yet), though i do believe you might want to look up embedding jpegs into mkv files, makes it look way cool

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