i9 11900k ABT on or off for gaming.

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by Jonnygrunge, Sep 15, 2021.

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    Hi All,

    New system is great and stable (unlike the Ryzen 5900x/Dark Hero build I had in the past!)

    Use the system primarily for gaming anyway! Anyway I have a custom EK loop with an EK360 and 240 radiators with 3 and 2 14mm fans.

    My system copes with the added power consumption of using ABT, all core boost to 5.1GHz single core boost to 5.3GHZ lighter workloads. When gaming average temps are in the low 70's, with peaks in 80s...

    Turn ABT off and it now settles in the high 50s with peaks in mid 60s.

    I know that ABT will not void any warranty, any 11th Gen owners offer suggestions? I don't think the extra heat and power consumption appears to be worth it, as framerates at 1440p don't seem to change at all. Perhaps different in synthetic benchmarks?
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    I don't even bother with oc anymore. Running my 11900k at default setting on my Asrock z590 Velocita. Checked Bios and ABT is disabled. I play Insurgency Sandstorm all cores boost to 4.8, with temps run around 45 degrees, and gpu 54. Like you, light loads boost to 5.3, but mostly 5.1 for moderate. My case is a Fractal Define R6 with 3 fans for exhaust (1 in back, 2 on top) with a custom AIO consisting of a Swiftech Apogee II block/pump combo, Alphacool XT45 V2 280mm Rad, with push/pull Nochua fans mounted in the front. Like you stated, you really do not gain much by having ABT on for gaming maybe a couple frames, but with more heat. Why bother?

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