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Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by Guru01, Jul 27, 2020.

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    During spring, summer, and fall i'll be running it at 4.2GHz with 1.168v, and during the Winter it will be at 4.8GHz and not sure what the voltage is at that point, probably 1.3v. Which cpu cooler do you guys recommend for this processor.
    I was looking at Noctua NH-D15, NH-D15S, but those are some old cpu coolers that were reviewed for the 3rd and 4th generation intel processors, but i think they are still good. They are being sold for $89 on Amazon. Is there any better or newer cpu coolers for the LGA 1151 socket that you guys would recommend that is even better than those two Noctua cpu coolers?
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    Get a decent 240mm Aio and get rid of that overated poo colored fans.
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    I've tried 2 different 280 AIO's and both performed the same or only slightly better than my D15 and were both louder. Get some of the black fans and be done with it. The D15 is still an awesome cooler, the only downside is the size.
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    I had to delid my old 7700K to keep temps down as it was a toasty boy even with a 360mm AIO on that thing. Dropped temps by 20-25C from around 87-91C to 71-75C or something around those values it was a while ago now.

    D15 is a great choice, the new scythe fuma 2 is an awesome contender and rivals the D15. The NH-U12A is anothe great choice too but it only comes in silver colour atm the chroma black models have been delayed due to covid I would assume.

    If you want to go with an AIO, get a 280mm if your case can hold one. You get more surface area than a 240mm, large fans meaning they don't have to spin as fast to get good results and most of the 280mm are within margin of their larger 360mm brothers.

    I highly recommend the new Arctic Freezer II 280mm. I have the 360 version but wished I had just settled for the 280mm as the 360mm is only like 2-5C better with stocks fans. With the 360mm you have an extra fan, and those fans need to spin faster to get the same static pressure or air flow that a 140mm fan does. So best to stick with a 280mm like I said if your case can hold one.

    The new EKWB AIO's are good too and rival the Arctics, they come with RGB if that is your thing but the Arctics simply can't be beat on price to performance atm by any AIO.

    You made my 6x120mm, 1x92mm, 1x140mm "poo" brown Noctua fans very upset.
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