i5 2500K still kicking !

Discussion in 'Die-hard Overclocking & Case Modifications' started by SentinelAeon, May 22, 2020.

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    Hello, its 2020 and i am still using my beloved i5 2500K with 8GB 1333Mhz ram. Right now both on stock, i plan to overclock them and have a few questions:

    1) PER CORE VS ALL CORE: this is what baffles me. Most ppl go for all core. But why ? I will give you an example. On same voltage i can do either all core 4.3Ghz or i can do per core where it will be 4.3Ghz when 4 cores are used, 4.4Ghz when 3 cores are used, 4.5Ghz when 2 cores are used and 4.6Ghz when only 1 core is used. Do you see why i think per core is better ? When all 4 cores are used, i will have 4.3Ghz in both cases. But lets say i use some strange app or game that only knows how to use 1 core. Well i will have 4.6Ghz then, which is 300Mhz more than if i used all core. So can u explain to me why in this case all core 4.3Ghz is better then the other option ?

    2) RAM SPEED: I have 2x4Ghz 1333Mhz 1.5V kingston ram. In the past i tested it and at default 1.5V i had no problem running it at 1600Mhz, passed all tests. Now i am wondering, would it be safe to crank the voltage to 1.65V and try to reach 1866Mhz ? Is 1.65V OK or should i go only for 1.6V ? What if i cant reach 1866Mhz, is 1700Mhz an option and will still be better than 1600Mhz ? How will i know if i should opt for higher frequency or lower timings ?

    3) Other: I use Asus P8Z77-V LX motherboard. Anything special i should know about, like some special settings i can set to reach higher OC at lower heat/voltage, etc. ? Any additional tips ?
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    Most go for all core because it's simpler. It already takes time to dial in an overclock across the whole cpu so making that process x4 is pretty unneccesary for the gain you get for 100mhz here or there. Diminishing returns.

    Time after time, it has been shown that ram speeds/overclocking yields negligible difference especially in applications like gaming. If it were me, I'd either just try to crank the clocks up a little, drop the cas latency or just leave it alone.
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    You dont have to be braniac to overclock sandy bridge. You up the voltage and rise up the multiplier, simple as that. Despite what clocks you get on the cpu and the memory in 2020 a 4c/4t cpus are become absolete. I would argue it happened even two years ago but ok. A 2600 stock would feel much smoother in games or general usage only becouse it has ht.
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    The i5 2500k is coming to the end of it's glory days. I am on here looking to overclock it once again because for now I got to get the most I can out of it as I bought an RX 5700 XT for gaming and well the bottlenecking that will go on will be real. LOL! I will argue though that while the i5 2500k may not be a good cpu for 2020 many people out there if they are honest have backlogs4life and so there is a large library of games to play. I think people would be wise to go back and check all the games they have before upgrading needlessly. Now for me I want 4K gaming and to power that well you need a beefy video card with more VRAM and so the purchase of this card I got but really I could put back in the GTX 670 I had and play many games of high quality. Anyway in regards to what Undying said about overlocking well about not having to be a brainiac some of us can't do this on our own without a guide. Some people are just not good at things. I hate people always saying well if you try then you can learn to do this or that like it is definite. Sorry but it is not. Also in regards to the guide I have in front of me when I went into my BIOS it sure as heck did not read as easily as the instructions I was given. I took some chances and I am in the process of overclocking this now. I do wonder also about buying a well binned cpu out there but my guess socket 1155 is still holding value and I base this on a show I watch .... Phil's Computer Lab .. on YouTube. As for faster ram I don't remember what the deal was with ram but would like to upgrade to faster ram if affordable just for even a small performance increase. I also do know for a fact that moving to 16 GB of regular ram (not VRAM) has actually helped with older systems with browsers and so on using up ram in the background for reasons which include some just having things open for data collection I am sure. Google suddenly becoming a pain in the butt to run and seeing it lie about how many tabs you have open by your own doing is sickening. Sorry Google but I don't have 16 tabs open right now. Anyway gl to the OP with what he is trying to do and gosh help me that I get things right with my overclock. I know I have to make the move to AMD's newer offerings but did not make the move due to purchasing a special Xbox One X that just came out and quite frankly I also don't like the pricing on ram where I am despite them saying it has come down in price. Sorry but what I see is not anything special. I am going to wait. Blah blah blah .. Happy Gaming to both of you.

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