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    Hi, sorry if this is found somewhere, but I couldn't find it. So here are my specs

    shuttle ak31 s20p /VIA KT266
    amd duron 950
    512mb pc2100
    **i volari v3 128mb

    ok so here lies the problem, I was running a gefore2 ti ultra? one step under ultra? 64mb.. and all was good, just a lil slow, and I saw this deal so I decided to get a minor upgrade... but after installing this card, the performance is actually worse than my previous card. It scores better in 3dmark01 and 03, but the actual performance is worse than my old card. I have the newest drivers for my motherboard, as well as the chipset.. downloaded the newest drivers from **i for the v3 which is the 1.13.15 and I'm plum out of ideas... so any help would be appreciated... thanks
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    Don't want to dish your new card, but it is actually not so good as people might think about it. I don't know if its worse than your older card thought.
    The V3 is the lowest of their line.

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