I think my water cooler is dying?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by potatochobit, Jul 5, 2019.

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    R9 290X
    so i have one of those big double 240 radiators

    the tube from the cpu to the radiator gets very hot
    the end cap on the radiator gets very hot
    but the rest of the radiator is always very cold, even under full load

    I can literally move my hand left to right and feel cool air from one fan and hot air from the other
    that is not normal is it? should both be blowing hot air?

    my computer has crashed a few times this week so it got me looking
    In the past I had been hearing the water cooler gurgle once in a while but it stopped doing that recently
    there is a service port so I did open it up and fill in some distilled water

    however, I am wondering maybe there is a clog in the radiator also?
    or the pump could have been low on water for so long it is toast now?

    computer is working normal now under load at 70c
    but if I overclock it will immediately crash as the temp will spike over 85 instantly.
    I did change a little thermal paste when I had to fill the radiator

    Ryzen 7 1700X
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    I think your AIO pump has died. I had Corsair H60 and its pump died on me last year, same issue as yours, it couldn't push water causing 1 side to be overheated. Lasted about 5 years.

    I switched back to air, AIO too complicated to me and many things can go wrong.

    There no much you can do, if your AIO is still under warranty, apply for it. Otherwise you need new cooler.
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