I think my 6700K is dying on me....

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by nateluthje, Mar 6, 2018.

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    Hey all,

    I think that my 6700K is dying on me. I used to be able to get 4.9ghz stable, then it dropped to 4.8, now I'm running it at 4.7 HT off at 1.325v LLC 5, and I'm seeing much better temps (70 degrees under max load, 66 degrees whilst gaming - which is what I use my system for).

    Is it worth upgrading to an 8700K, with 6 cores/12 threads, I've heard that this is the best processor for gaming, or just wait until my 6700K dies completely on my, buy then prices may have come down a little.

    All answers considered.

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    Wait till further into the year. New CPU's will come, probably a faster clocked six core and updated with the Meltdown and Spectre hardware fix. Just what I'd do anyway. Personally I never OC my CPU for this reason, since I'd be keeping it for a long time. I usually just OC the video card as it has more of an impact.
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    There might be other factors that causing instability.
    CPU not gonna die in a few years, unless you tortured it with high temperate and over voltage.

    Use Prime95 / OCCT to test CPU stability, chances are your OC was unstable from beginning and only now started to showing it.

    Don't disable HT, most modern games are benefit from it and provide good frames. Keep HT and try 4.5 with reasonable voltage.
    Test it in Prime95 and see if its stable. Once 4.5 is stable move up to 4.6, 4.7. However I think 4.5 should be enough to keep stable frames.
    200-300MHz not gonna make whole lot of difference.
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    I cant see your system spec's, what CPU cooler are you using?

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    You're wrecking it with that voltage with LLC. I run my 5820K @ 1.26V without LLC @ 4.3GHz and that's an older chip. Are you truly realizing the advantage of 200-300MHz extra at the expense of higher power draw and lower lifespan? What sort of games do you play where a 5% frequency bump makes a visible difference?

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