I Sell a Hercules GameTh XP for 80 $ !!!

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    I Sell a Hercules GameTh XP for 80 $ !!!<br>
    Yes , I'm selling it for 80 $ !! Want someone ?? Contact me at: <br>
    "biholarazvan@yahoo.com".First of all excuse my ENGLISH...and "thank you" if u read this.<br>
    Why I'm selling it? Because it suckkkssss!!!!I have take one last week(for 140 $),and compared it with my SBlaster Live! Player Value Bulk( Which is 50 $). The GameTheatre XP does not deserve the difference of money!<br>
    I have read some of the messages here and I saw that you all think that HGT XP has the converters in the blue box.(external DAC/ADC)<br>
    BUT IT IS NOT TRUEEEEE...If you are not convinced see this (http://firingsquad.gamers.com/hardware/gtxpreview/page4.asp.Well it's true , it has 20 bit DAC and 18 bit ADC but they are on board (on soundboard ) and the result is that it has the same S/N ration with SB Live!, maybe a little bit noisy than Live!(due to it's cable to blue box).<br>
    I've tested BOTH SB Live! and HGT XP with my Technics A707 stereo amplifier and a pair of 80 W speakers (Technics)and the background noise is heard at high volumes.<br>
    But not for this i'm selling it ... When you enable the 10 band hardware graphic equalizer of HGT XP it makes a really annoing noise (wich adds to original background noise and it's sensed at high volumes).This 10 band EQ does not compare with the SB Live's TONE and BASS control.The BASS control from my Live! really blow out the speakers when i'm using it .You fell the BASS, not like that mediocre EQ from XP who is something which sounds horrible. By the way... THE EQ works only on front speakers .On surround, even if u select 4 speakers and the EQ is enabled u can't hear the EQ.U hear the EQ only on front speakers, even if u have 4 connected.<br>
    AND try to make this... to see a BUG on HercGT XP!!!<br>
    After u have installed the card's drivers (on WIN 98)install WinAMP 2.72 or 2.73.Remember, make no changes at winamp (options/Prefferences/plugins/output/WaveOut plugin must be selected by default).Now start to play a song and move the volume of winamp to max , then to min (when u hear nothing).Now open the VOLUME CONTROL from Windows, and press the WAVE BALANCE slider (don't move it , just press it).If u just press it, the sound explode from speakers, even if u have the WinAMP volume to MIN ( when u must hear nothing). <br>
    I dont know why it happens this???BUT if u go to WINAMP in options/Prefferences/plugins/output and select DirectSound plugin , instead of WaveOut plugin,you won't get the sound from speakers when u have the WinAMP volume to MIN and then press WaveBalance in Windows VolumeControl.<br>
    This thing never happened to my SBlaster Live!....<br>
    So, the Hercules Game Theater XP is a soundcard only for GAMERS, (as it say it's name "Game Theater"and not for AUDIO LISTENERS.For an audiophile with medium budget I recommand the SoundBlaster Live! Value Bulk (50 $) or SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 Bulk (69 $).<br>
    In conclusion the Herc "GAME" Theatre XP really sucks,don't deserve 140 $ and that's why i'm selling it for 80 $(Half Price).<br>
    Thank you...and contact me at "biholarazvan@yahoo.com" or leave here a message.<br>

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