I have some kind of bug with memory downclocking on crimson AMD R9 270

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    Used to work in other catalyst versions. Now there is some kind of bug in my version.

    In amd crimson - games - global settings - global overdrive
    I should be able to downclock the memory clock to 150 Mhz. because that is the idle clock. The GPU clock can be set correctly to 300 mhz. but memory clock is 1450 minimum! Instead of say, 150-1400 since that is the default clocks.


    I tried to set defaults, no change.
    Can't figure this out for the life of me. :bang:


    C:\Program Files\AMD\CIM\Bin64\AMDCleanupUtility.exe

    I ran this, then after a reboot, reinstalled the driver. It's now fixed.
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    Uninstall again this Crimson fix with DDU,install again and DONT play with Overdrive.Just DONT!
    After this install MSI Afterburner and set what you want.

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