I have problemes with my PC

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  1. gigipopa

    gigipopa Guest

    I have a PC with next configuration:
    AMD Athlon XP 1700+
    HDD 40 GB WD
    Motherboard Aopen AK77 8 XN
    256 DDR SDRAM
    Video - WinFast A 180 DDR with 64 MB and TV out
    OS Windows XP SP1

    I use a videodriver from Leadtek (based on 4469 Nvidia Detonator). It appears that all the things are good and I install UT 2003 on this configuration. The games is working good and I make a Benchmark winth UT 2003. The results are:
    Flyby ~70.4
    With 3DMark I've got 230 poits.

    After that tests, I've got a black screen and after a few moments, video was like VGA mode (low colors). I restart, Windows XP tell me that it was a problem (sent it to Microsoft but I have no license). After restart, system woks fine with no problems.

    Is something wrong with my video or my videocards not working well with motherboard? I install Riva Tuner and I set AGP at 4x (not at 8 x). Is this the solution?

  2. RaZoR_Blade

    RaZoR_Blade Guest

    install latest mobo drivers ..and try to use nvidia refrence drivers..

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