I have a problem with the "Frametime history Overlay" at FPS below 20 FPS (50ms)

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    iGPU + GTX 1050
    When the FPS drops below 20 FPS (50ms) the graph does not show the value corresponding to the frame rate, it remains at the maximum limit 50ms = 20FPS

    (see images)

    So I want to propose this idea: Add a setting that is OPTIONAL that allows you to expand the range of frametime data in the graph

    * default: 0 ms to 50 ms (infinite FPS to 20 FPS) (the current situation)
    * custom: Any value between 0 to 1000 ms or more milliseconds (infinite FPS at 1 or 0.x FPS)

    Thank you for your answer

    Google translator spanish to english
    (RTSS 7.3.0 beta 6)

    Captura de pantalla (326).jpg
    Captura de pantalla (327).jpg Captura de pantalla (329).jpg Captura de pantalla (330).jpg Captura de pantalla (331).jpg
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    It is adjustable in GUI of frametime graph properties if you display it via MSI AB or OverlayEditor plugin. For legacy built-in framerate history graph it is also adjustable in global profile with FrametimeHistoryMax entry.

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