I Got Headache . can i get some help

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Dangerous Life, Nov 29, 2009.

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    HD 4870 & 8800 GTS 512
    hi to all of you
    i am new here
    i had registered here cause i see here some good brains that can help me right

    my brother have a E8400 and 4 gb ram and 2494hs lcd screen from samsung

    he plays at 1920x1080

    so he sold his hd 4850 512 and wanna buy a new card
    he was going to take the hd 4890 that comes from sapphire
    this one SAPPHIRE HD 4890 1GB GDDR5 PCI-E OC
    this one is overcloced 900 for the gpu and 1000 for the memory

    he saw the Giant that comes from gigabyte GTX 260 SOC
    this one GTX260 SOC

    SURE all of you will say how dare you comparing this two videocards
    ok just wait and see how much they overclock the gtx 260 that it can even beat the gtx 275 !!!!
    first see the Specification of the two cards here


    and overclock the hd 4890 to 900 core clock , 1000 mem clock
    and overclock the gtx260 to 680 core clock and 1250 mem clock
    see the bandwidth and all the things

    i know that you will say that the Specification doesn't matter in gaming
    first wanna say something
    my brother playes now with my old videocard the 8800gts 512
    and what seems strange here that he had frame rates at 1920x1080 2AA all settings v.high on crysis the same he had with his old card hd 4850
    and even on call of duty modern warface 2
    maybe that cause of the bandwidth of my old 8800gts 512 that overcloced to 700 on gpu and 1000 on memory which make it top the hd4850 on memory bandwidth
    strange ya it makes me feel bad about my hd 4870 :grin:

    here are some Comparisons and reviews for the gtx 260 soc with other cards including the hd 4890


    see the Differences when enabling the AA







    see the good work that gigabyte did with this card ??

    my brother had admire some physics in batman game
    which i can't say its good enaugh to prefer a card on the other
    however that maybe a point for the gtx

    about the price he has an offer that he can get any of both cards at the same price

    i know that you got headache 2 from me :O
    but i wish that i can find the answer
    anyway thanks and have a good time
  2. Grim_2o0o

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    RX 570 Nitro +
    There's not too much difference between a heavily overclocked GTX260 and HD4890, so he won't be losing many FPS with the GTX260.

    The PhysX stuff in BatmanAA does look really nice, and actually adds to the game experience for once, so if he likes PhysX a lot then get the GTX260SOC. He could also use the GTS-512 as a dedicated PhysX card if his motherboard supports dual graphics cards.
  3. Jae-So

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    lol that's not that high an OC, I have my 275 at higher clocks than that, and even then the 4890 at 960 core I had b4 it was even better, I'd get the 4890
  4. Dangerous Life

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    HD 4870 & 8800 GTS 512
    first thanks for the replay

    no his mother not support daul as it is the p43-ds3l

    ohhh finally i found someone had the 2 cards the hd 4890 and the gtx 275
    plz tell me
    you used both of them
    which was better ??
    you said you have the hd4890 the one that overclocked to 960 in core
    so what is the feeling when changing to your new one the gtx 275
    what is the difference ???
    waiting ................................ :beam:

  5. Jae-So

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    hmm my experience.....

    My 4890 only overclocked to 935 core but unlike the 275 you can add voltage to it and I got it to 960 core with sum added voltage. So my final stable clocks were

    HD 4890 @ 960/1000 (I could have got much higher on the ram, but didn't need to)
    GTX 275 @ 720/1566/1242

    At those clocks, I would say for RAW power my 4890 seemed more powerful generally.

    4890 = 14XXX
    275 = 13XXX

    3DMark Vantage
    4890 = 9XXX
    275 = 107XX (PhysX Off)

    Even tho Vantage seems to point otherwise In Crysis my 4890 uses to push slightly more frames etc, but some people think if I had formatted my hard drive this gap may have closed. Other games they seemed fairly equal with a slight advantage to the 4890, though NFS Shift seemed much smoother on my 275 and ofcourse PhysX was useful on Batman AA. Lemme know if u have any other questions

    P.S. The 275 is much quieter, it does run hotter though
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  6. DF-1

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    EVGA gtx 580
    Just remember, Jae-So is talking about an overclocked gtx 275, not a gtx 260.
    gtx 260 vs 4890, id get the 4890 100%.
    275 vs 4890 id probably go with gtx 275.. but there's no real difference between them.

    First of all, lol @ modern warface, second, maybe ur bro's CPU is bad and so the 4850 outputted the same fps as a 8800gts would in his system.
  7. inklimited

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    Gigabyte 6850 900MHz
    Here's something to consider.

    I would get a 275 over a 260, it's just that easy.

    How big is your brother's power supply? If it is smaller than a 600W, I'd get a 4890.

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