I caved... Quad GTX 580 UD with new AC waterblocks.. New 990X and new 1500W PSU

Discussion in 'Die-hard Overclocking & Case Modifications' started by Phatboy69, Aug 4, 2011.

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    I have tried the indigo extreme and seems no better. I even removed it to check cause i thought was not spreed proper but it was.

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    EVGA 570 HD

    I seriously reccommend these guys, their based in melbourne and their shipping is extremely cheap compared to that USA shipping.
    I've purchased from them around 10 times and ive never had a single hiccup.:infinity:
  3. Phatboy69

    Phatboy69 Guest

    Yeah me too but they don't carry everything I need.
    Thats where my PSU's Rads CPU and a few other things come from! ;)
  4. Phatboy69

    Phatboy69 Guest

    Finally cracked Vantage 60K and went from 66K GPU to almost 68k! ;)

    Good enough for #15 on the futuremark hall of fame when I do a run with an earlier FM approved driver!

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  5. hallryu

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    2x HD7970
    ^^ Dude 96C on core 0 & 4!!!!!!!!
  6. Phatboy69

    Phatboy69 Guest

    Yeah I know! Still got 4c to spare! LOL

    With the IX TIM pad and Kryos silver I should be able to get them all back down to 80c.
  7. BLEH!

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    Sapphire Fury
    You're MAD!

    But I love a bit of madness. Loving that rig dude, that's insane. Can't wait to see the finished result.
  8. mombasa

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    PNY GTX 470 SLI
    amazing, my dream PC ... good luck with your build buddy :)
  9. Behelit

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    EVGA GTX 1080Ti SC2 Hydro
    you are my hero!
  10. scoter man1

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    MSI GTX 1070ti
    Its awesome to see someone that has the dedication (and money) to do this! Keep on going bro!

  11. Phatboy69

    Phatboy69 Guest

    Here's some multi-monitor gaming from the last build, i7 950 + quadfire 5870 in eyefinity @ 5760x1080.

    Both old IL2 and New IL2 Cliffs of Dover.

    Old IL2 with a massive Battle of Britain Scenario.
    20 x Mk.Vc4 1941 Spitfires
    12 x Mk.1 1938 Hurricanes
    28 x Bf-109 E-4 1940
    18 x Bf-109 E-4/B 1940
    28 x Ju-87 B-2 1941
    28 x He111 H-2 1941

    and (sorry about cutting the top of screen at the beginning, was trying to show the system!)

    and the New IL2 Cliffs of Dover.

    Last synthetic benchy... cracked 20K 3dm11-P
    Seems these tests like a bit of memory bandwidth and uncore OC. ;)
    GPU's and CPU clocks the same as last 18k score, just with a different multi/bclk. (23x218 mem @ 2180 w/10x multi)
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  12. Phatboy69

    Phatboy69 Guest

    Metro2033 Max setting with AAA anti aliasing and 4xAA

    CPU physx
    min 13
    avg 68
    max 302

    GPU physx
    min 23
    avg 104
    max 335

    GPU physx 4xAA
    min 17
    avg 92
    max 258

    This smashes my old quadfire 5870 setup! :eek:

    CPU Physx

    GPU Physx

    GPU Physx 4xAA

    Jeees getting Nvidia surround 2d to work is a biatch with quad SLI.
    Its not officially supported on GTX580s but I got it to work.
    Im afraid ATI have the leg up on Nvidia for ease of use!

    But you cant argue with this result! (DOF breaks surround 2d so its turned off)

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  13. Phatboy69

    Phatboy69 Guest

    Its official i am #12 Xtreme preset and Performance preset for 3DMK11!! :leet:
    2nd 1500W PSU installed tonight, all good! Koolance stuff arrived couple days ago but cant do anything with it yet.. Though I did play mechano with it at work the other day! The ram block manifold idea I had will work, just not sure if I'll like the look installed when the blocks arrive.
  14. sverek

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    NOVIDIA -0.5GB

    Go for top 10!! don't burn your hardware though!
  15. Phatboy69

    Phatboy69 Guest

    This sleeving job better come out the best on the planet... 17 roles of 30M cable set me back $500 bucks! :eek3:
    100M of MDPC sleeving, tools, crimps and bits n pieces arrived today too!

    More Pics tonight! :)

    I thought you might like to see the method in my madness regarding the need for "More Powah Scotty!"

    A heavily OC GTX580 can draw 350W each (30Amps) :eek:

    I had to do all this research before choosing my new PSU for the quad 580 GTX setup and thought I'd be safe with a 1500W... I was wrong, I could still trip an overload with 1, but not now with 2 x 1500W PSUs! :thumb:

    Each GPU has the best part of 60Amps to feast on now! I have 2 cards running off each PSU with each connector on its own 30Amp rail. I also have 1x 8pin CPU 1x 4 pin PCIE from each PSU supplying power to the Motherboard which has 2 x 8Pin CPU and 2x PCIE molex connectors. These are also each on there own 30Amp rails per connection.

    I wont be running out of power now! ;)

    TDP Database


    There's also this monstrous graph here..

    And the sauce of the sauce ;)
    "Active Power Management
    The latest generation of cads to come out (GTX 500 series and HD 6900 series) are the first from both Nvidia and AMD that actively limit the total card power usage to a predifined level.

    Nvidia for example is limiting its GTX 580 through hardware by measuring the draw of current into the card (though I believe is activated by drivers in particular applications like FurMark) to limit the cards draw to 300W. With out this feature the card will easily draw in excess of 300W+.

    AMDs route is less accurate but isn't application specific and thus a bit more elegant a solution. They have tested their GPUs and found how much power each part of the chip uses, from this they've created an algorithm to estimate power draw based on usage of each part of the GPU. Once the limit is reached (eg 250W for the HD6970) the drivers down clock the core to reduce power draw. They do how ever provide in the drivers a slider to allow a + or - 20% to the base value. Eg for the 250W limit of the HD6970 this means you can alter the power limit from 200W up to 300W. There's also talk that 3rd party card makers can alter this 20% figure to anything they like. Time will tell."
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  16. Phatboy69

    Phatboy69 Guest

    Here's what 500M of PSU and Fan cabling looks like! :eek:

    176-9801 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,24 awg,red
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $22.20 $22.20
    176-9794 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,24 awg,black
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $22.20 $22.20
    332-001 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,24 awg,yellow
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $18.10 $18.10
    176-9823 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,24 awg,blue
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $22.20 $22.20
    333-436 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,16 awg,yellow
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $28.00 $28.00
    331-749 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,18 awg,black
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $26.10 $26.10
    331-755 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,18 awg,red
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $27.80 $27.80
    331-828 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,18 awg,violet
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $26.10 $26.10
    331-777 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,18 awg,yellow
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $26.10 $26.10
    333-420 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,16 awg,green
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $32.90 $32.90
    333-385 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,16 awg,white
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $32.90 $32.90
    333-470 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,16 awg,grey
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $32.90 $32.90
    333-414 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,16 awg,red
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $32.90 $32.90
    333-408 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,16 awg,black
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $32.90 $32.90
    333-464 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,16 awg,orange
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $28.00 $28.00
    333-442 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,16 awg,blue
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $35.00 $35.00
    333-458 1 Wire,equipment,hook up,UL1007,30.5m,16 awg,brown
    1 Reel of 30 Metre(s) $32.90 $32.90
    Running Total $479.20
  17. Solfaur

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    GB 3080Ti Gaming OC
    pro cable management comes with a pro price :D
  18. Phatboy69

    Phatboy69 Guest

    I just ordered one of these to remove the drive cage and minimise cables internally. I had a 1.5TB drive die on me this week so was a good motivation to go external.. Luckily I had it mirrored in RAID 1 to another!

    Hotway 4-Bay RAID USB3.0/eSATA Enclosure

  19. Phatboy69

    Phatboy69 Guest

    I need to do a bit of planning first but I'll probably get started on the weekend. The sleeving only just arrived today.

  20. Phatboy69

    Phatboy69 Guest

    What do you guys think about mounting SSD's with either of these internally.

    This one might not fit where I have 2 spare PCI slots because of the MB water block, but i could fit 2 in-between the GPUs if I get replacement single slot mounts for the GPUs.

    Or I could devise a way to mount this internally somewhere?

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