I can only get +250mhz mem and +80mhz gpu with sli 1080

Discussion in 'Die-hard Overclocking & Case Modifications ' started by nateluthje, Apr 21, 2017.

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    When I run 3dmark, it exits if I push it any further than what I've said.

    I've noted that some people have +500mem and +200 GPU.

    Is there a way I can get to those oc's?

    My power limit is set at 110% and I'm using CAM to control overclocking.

    any suggestions appreciated
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    +200 means absolutely nothing for comparision when every single GPU with Boost 3.0 will have varying boost clock speeds.

    Example 2 MSI 1080s rated from factory as same one can boost to 1780mhz while the other will boost to 1850.

    So in short, do not compare those numbers.

    Look at the actual clock speed underload.
    Expect anywhere from 2000 to 2150 max.

    Most cards will be low to mid 2000s max stable clock.

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