HWiNFO v6.12 released

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    HWiNFO v6.12 available.

    • Fixed reporting of ES/Production stage for some Zen2 CPUs.
    • Fixed measuring of BCLK for some Intel CPUs under Windows 7.
    • Added reporting of CPU High Temperature Clock Limit for AMD Zen2 family.
    • Added reporting of CPU Automatic Overclocking Offset for AMD Matisse family.
    • Added a new (more reliable) method for measuring BCLK on AMD Matisse systems.
    • Added monitoring of Memory Controller Clock (UCLK) for AMD Zen family.
    • Added preliminary support of Intel Elkhart Lake.
    • Fixed reporting of NVMe capacity when LBA data size > 512B.
    • Added reporting of CPU Thermal Trip Limit and HTC Temperature Limit for AMD Zen.
    • Updated reporting of CPU VDD and SoC SVI2 current/power on some MSI mainboards.
    • Added monitoring of per-CCD Tdie temperatures for AMD Zen2.
    • Improved support of several legacy (ISA, VLB) (S)VGA adapters.
    • Fixed reporting of GPU fan RPM on AMD Navi.
    • Added monitoring of voltage, current and power of EVGA RTX 20-series ICX GPUs.

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