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    Hi all,

    I have a decent little HTPC I put together, well it is more of a micro computer built to be an HTPC. Using an old Core 2 Duo and one of those G41 chipset boards.

    My intentions are to end my expensive Satellite TV subscription and use internet tv. The only thing is that I have no idea where to start for getting setup. I understand hardware, but this internet tv streaming to tv as primary is new to me.

    Can you even setup the box to use a remote with very little emphasis on mouse and keyboard? Can you record shows to a hard drive from streams to act like a DVR?

    Those that are currently doing this any feedback would be great.
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    Yep. I use HTPC as DVB-T recorder. Media Center does the recording, even wakes computer up when it starts recording. I also have Antec Fusion Remote case with it that plays nicely with Media Center. No need for mouse or keyboard to use it.

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