HP G62-b99SL Video_TDR error

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    AMD blabla
    Sounds ill. But can you try, using another kind of RAM?!
    No joke, even though it should not get related to your graphics card.
    Sounds stupid, but i really would check all.
    I did the test by myself. Errors that caused by "graphic" were RAM related.
    Thats why i got better RAM now, from Gskill....maybe compability to the mobo dunno!
    The 280 Euros were worth it. Ah yes its a Laptop. Try to use another kind of RAM. Even it sounds stupid. I think its a RAM problem.
    Get the latest BIOS update.
    They dont care about the RAM compability since this laptop has been produced i guess.

    I really think something is wrong with the RAM. But this laptop so old.
    Could be a damaged power unit even. Battery.
    But i think, the RAM is not running properly anymore.
    I think, your GPU is NOT the problem.
    But we cant judge from here, i am not on your laptop.
    We can only guess from here. I think, that your RAM is not running properly anymore. And this problem only you can solve. If you buy new RAM and then testing all. If its not the RAM, then send it back to AMAZON. And i would buy a new BATTERY just for being safe about all. Battery you know for the laptop. I would be INFAME, telling you, throw this shiat away and simply buy a new Laptop. Less stress at all.....is this old laptop worth the stress? This is the question. MEM errors you can see, when you see a crash bluescreen, when you browse pages. Something like that. Then its RAM related. When the screen freezes. Something like that. Then you have to check for RAM problems. PRIME runs like a charm, but when you see freezes while you are inside your browser, then you know. Common RAM problem. RAM incompability is a real common problem.
    I would build Gskill a virtual statue. They show on their page the RAMS, that are COMPATIBLE to the mainboards by name. Here for example Asus ROG Strix B550-E Gaming. And Gskill really shows the RAM that are compatible to the boards by NAME. I love that and all RAM manufacturers should follow Gskill in that kind of product information.
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