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    800x600 to small, while 1024x768 to big for me
    i want to use 960x720 resolution and at least 75 hz refresh rate...:(

    back when using nvidia geforce4 mx i can add that custom resolution
    (and refresh rate) by using configuration tool provided by the driver
    (via "display properties"), or utility like rivatuner

    but now i am using ati radeon 9550...

    well, actually to get 960x720 is an easy task, the simplest is to
    use a "plug and play monitor" driver from windows xp and select that
    resolution (my samsung 17" monitor driver does not provide that
    resolution), but the problem is that i only can use just _60hz_ refresh

    i have tried some utility to force the refresh rate, one utility that
    peoples usually suggest to do this is powerstrip. yes, it can force
    refresh rate as the "tip of the day" says, but the problem again is
    the dialog button to do this is _inactive_ (what thats mean?)

    somebody please help me...:(

    sorry for my bad english...
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    770gtx 2gb
    try the multi res tool
    do not choose a refresh rate greater than your system will support!

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