How to subtract value from temperature reading

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    bit outdated
    How to have always 15C CPU temperature less than actual read?

    I have probably proper readings from AIDA64, but it's trial, and probably it won't work as a plugin after that period.

    I use also RTCore.dll plugin from RealTemp which shows proper temperatures, but in MSI AfterBurner it shows bad temperature (plugin readings imported to OSD successfully) editing RTcore.ini TJMax doesn't introduce any changes to the readings (AB restart performed).

    Maybe something entered in OSD display layout (Settings>Monitoring>Show on OSD>...) would do the trick.

    These are commonly know variables like %time%\n which shows system time and probably can be modified, but none which shows temperature (they can be entered in "Separators".
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    Do a search for “correction formula”.
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