How to properly uninstall detonators(Forceware)/catalysts

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by serAph, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. LOstwItNess

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    install xp ....thats so easy
  2. Gzilla

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    What about a new install of XP Pro? I don't have any reference to nvidia video drivers in the "add/remove programs" although I show nvidia 29.58 as the driver XP added during the install of the OS.
    Thanks for your help.
  3. Kevin Ogre

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    i am not sure but i think i have this problem : i change my GEFORCE 4 MX for a FX 5700 : but i still can't see some bump mapping effects in game !
  4. scotpig

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    Hey G...

    I noticed that too, but I found out that the 29.58 is the original stock driver that comes with the card itself. Therefore, XP installs that one, since it's the original...
    And I can't get my windows not to Auto Install the driver after it detects new HW either...

    Try removing the 29.58 from Device Mgr and load the new one per the instructions.

  5. freshfeesh

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    Regarding those .inf's -- I can't find them. I'm looking before I've actually uninstalled anything and booted into safe mode. Do they for some wierd reason only appear in safe mode?

    I have an Nvidia GF 4 440 Go in a Dell Inspiron 8200, Windows XP, most recent drivers 42.58 from Dell. I do see nv3, nv4, nv4_disp, and nvdm .inf and .pnf. Would some or all be the animals I'm hunting for? They are suspiciously reminiscent of all the NV*.exe processes that are Nvidia related. All of the property fields for these files are blank. I also have oem0 through oem14 .inf/.pnf -- also all property fields blank.

    Is it the inf files that make XP autodetect and install drivers like some people have mentioned?

    I just want to reinstall the 42.58 drivers because I've been having system stability problems related to external monitor connected/cloning display/nview being active/hibernating. Microsoft error service points me to the Nvidia 53.03 drivers on the Nvidia site, but I'm reluctant to install the generic versions instead of ones tailored to my laptop. I don't want to tweak it for the rest of my life, I just want it to work.

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    Jeuzzzz...u fellas can keep me here for ages...GREAT INFO guys...well done! As for serAPH...well ur information is the bomb Nvida 45.33 just would not install...I made a new post on that ...soz if that offends ( im new here) My 53.03 archive driver went in first pop..strange??...I run a Gforce Fx5200pro but does the job in MOH. About the install...anyone have any ideas?
  7. juke

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  8. Degrizz

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    Will drive cleaner remove remnents of winfast drivers for my leadtek ti4600?:(
  9. How|

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    wow great !..*runs off to install new omega drivers without any interruptions*:p
  10. koniosis

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    btw typing %WinDir% in the run dialog will bring up your windows folder wherever it is on your system.

  11. SonyPenguin

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    I'm switching from 9800 Pro to BFG 6800 OC, and I just want to be 100% clear. If you use Driver Cleaner, you don't have to delete the INF files manually? Or am I missing something?

    I appreciate it guys
  12. Jkhan

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    since u used an ATI card, then you'll need to use driver cleaner to clean the ATI entries. Then there'll be no conflict or issues when u use ur 6800OC. However, if u want to enjoy trouble free operation, i suggest that you do a clean installation of XP...
  13. Stangs55

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  14. spennis

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    Help!!! I did as the guide told me, everything worked fine until i ran refresh force! Now when i start windows, the screen turns it self of and i se nothing! Is there anyway to unistall or change these settings? I suspect that refresh force had chosen the wrong monitor, PLEASE HELP ME ANYONE!!!
  15. fli_guy84

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    try running windows in safe mode and uninstall the video driver. run windows back in normal mode and install driver

  16. NeoHuman

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    Hi all,

    I'd like to submit a question to this forum.

    I've been trying to uninstall old drivers but they are kind of persistent. Everytime I try to remove them the computer reboots and does nothing.

    I've tried it using "Add/Remove programs" clicking on Nvidia drivers, and reboots. Also tried uninstalling them using the device manager on display adaptor properties and also reboots.

    Also tried it on safe mode and same effect.

    Any help on this?

    btw, I had a problem some days ago that maybe related to this. While upgrading my mobo BIOS I got a BSOD and everything was screwed up. took several days to get everything back to bussiness. This could be some collateral damage (lots of things were damaged: windows, norton antivirus, internet connection, etc..)

    Anyway, my question is: Is there any other way of uninstalling completely the video drivers apart from those I described? (i.e.: using regedit or something)

    Thanks a lot
  17. Phalkon30

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    Can't steps 3 and 4 be combined? After using driver cleaner in safe mode I proceeded to install the drivers still in safe mode. When it asked to reboot to finish changes, I let it go into normal windows. It saved me a reboot and as far as I can tell, has no side effects.
  18. Silmar86

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    Anyone tell me if this technique works with my setup? Im running a RAID-0 and dont want to loose my data
  19. minnah-bopeludo

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    xfx 6600gt agp
  20. Anlander

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    Howdy! I'm wondering if my driver removal tactics are working.

    When I remove my Nvidia driver I use Driver Cleaner Pro, and after I used Cab Cleaner I choose ALL the Nvidia applications on the list in D C Pro, these are:

    Nvidia Stereo
    Nvidia WDM

    I clean ALL of these before I install the new driver. Am I doing this right or should I just clean Nvidia?

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