How to let VIERA Link work with pc?

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    So i have buyed a plasma TV. Its the Panasonic TX-P42GW20.
    I connected it with the HDMI-adapter/HDMI-cable to my pc for watching blu-rays via Power DVD 8 that came with my bd drive.
    Setting output to 24hz, stutters are gone, all is fine.

    All good so far but it would be nice if Power DVD or some other program work with the VIERA Link from Panasonic so i can press pause/play etc on my remote control.

    Is there a way i could get it to work or is there a solution for a pc-remote?

    Help me please. Blu-Ray watching is sooo nice!!! Watching a dvd is now like vhs or something.
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    theres no way that i know of.

    panasonic viera link is for linking up your tv with other panasonic components. ie. in my case i have a dvd home theatre system. if i press dvd, it switches channel to dvd and 5.1 output. if i switch back to normal tv, my home theatre system changes to input mode and runs dolby pro logic ii for stereo to 5.1 conversion.
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    Search for PC remote control on Google.
    It wont use Vierra link, but it doesnt need to.

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