[HOW-TO]GTX 295 + 9500GT for physics

Discussion in 'Videocards vs General Purpose - NVIDIA Ageia PhysX' started by HellSpawn2097, May 4, 2009.

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    Asus ROG GTX1070 8G

    Currently only the GTX295 sits in my system, handling all graphics en physx's.

    Would a secondary card like my old 9500GT get me any inmprovement and if so,(no matter how minor the increase in fps would be),how do I do this?

    Do i just plug in the 9500GT and will it work?
    Or is there a special way of seating the cards and installing drivers?

    I've also heared that SLI on the GTX295 has to be disabled for the 9500GT to handle the physx, is this true?

    Thnx in advance..
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    You would be fine with the GTX295 handling the PhysX. The relatively low-graphic intense games utilizing it today would cause the 9500GT to actually slow down your system since the GTX295 has ample power to do both physics/graphics processing and still do it faster than the 9500gt does physics.

    For now, your setup will be decent. You should buy another card when games that utilize PhysX get better graphics, then the benefits of a separate card would be noticeable.

    I'm not sure about the SLI thing, but I don't think so.

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