How to Fix ATT beta Black Screen errors

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    find a way to reboot your sys (e.g. Alt-F4, enter or windows key, right arrow, enter or pressing the reset/power button)

    while booting up hit F8 after the BIOS initialiastion

    in the upcomming menu select boot windows in save mode with networking (so you can download some software you will need to fix this)

    now windows will _not_ load the catalyst 7.2 dispay drivers and therefor you will finally see the GUI again
    -> 4.1
    unistalling ATT will not be enough to fix this error because ATT changed some setting inside the display drivers itself
    -> 4.2
    now you say ok so lets just uninstall catalyst then .. well sorry catalyst drivers are such a **** they wont unisall inside windows safe mode because the install/uninstall setup routine bundeled together with catalyst wont let you

    download driver cleaner pro 1.5, a new version of catalyst maybe 7.3, and a new version of ATT beta maybe 018 or newer

    uninstall ATT

    install and run driver cleaner pro 1.5 (select the ATI settings and clean)

    restart and install catalyst again and the new ATT version
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    X1800XT 256 + HD4850 512
    and found that at the inquirer, maybe it helps someone:

    *Start the PC in Safe Mode
    *Go to Start > Run
    *Run Services.Msc
    *Find the ATI External Event Utility Service
    *Right click > Properties
    *Change it to Startup Type = Disabled
    *Apply, then click OK

    If you do that correctly, you should be able to use your computer normally. However, your system won't detect if you plug in or unplug a display whilst Windows is running, since the External Event service that you just disabled is designed to do just that. It seems that this module must be where the problem is, but quite why it would go bonkers, not even ATI knows at the moment.

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