How to enable "AHCI" mode in Windows 7 after OS Installation!!!

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by xtremegamer, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. xtremegamer

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    Is there a way to enable AHCI mode after Windows 7 installation, read somewhere AHCI is more faster than IDE, when i change IDE to AHCI in Bios , Windows 7 wont boot is there any Registry method.......
  2. thatguy91

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    Yes there is. Boot in IDE mode, and copy the following into notepad, and save as a .reg file. Then double click on it, and okay it to install.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    Reboot (important!), and set AHCI mode (important! must be done before trying to install the performance driver).

    Then download and install (or download beforehand) the Intel AHCI performance driver:
    (its also for RAID etc).

    Its on raid.htm

    Don't download the 11.x series yet, they're alpha (pre-beta) and unstable. The 11.0.x is somewhat stable (seemingly) but are several months older than the 10.8's, which seem to work better anyway (they're the proper Intel released ones).

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  4. xtremegamer

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    ohh Thankzz , u guys are so helpful...:D

    Is there any speed difference when switiching IDE to AHCI mode[Transfer Rates]

  5. xtremegamer

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    Does that Registry hack work on XP , bcoz i have Xp installed too Dual boot....
  6. killer_939

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    Try it, if it doesn't google how to.
  7. xtremegamer

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    :D k mate i will try.....
  8. xtremegamer

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    well in XP sp3 there is no registry located"MSAHCI"... any idea, googled didn't find much information for Xp....
  9. Andrés

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    This does not work on XP. You must reinstall everything from scratch if you want AHCI.
  10. Mozaik

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    Well,is there a speed benefit from AHCI compared to IDE for a standard HDD?

  11. xtremegamer

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    I tried so many ways in XP all leads to Bsod, but it Worked in Windows 7x64......

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