How to change from 6bpp to 8bpp

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    I am seeking assistance in how one can change the video card output from 6bpp to 8bpp

    a little background. The machine in question the the HP HDX9000 20" laptop. I am using the Quadro FX3700 MXM GPU. The card comes from a 17" laptop with a 6bpp panel.

    the 20" is an 8bpp panel.

    as you can imagine it is not displacing correctly. the main issue relates to pixel intensity/percieved brightness. The 2 missing bits are expected but the screen, and are not being sent, thus the screen appears very dim.

    This is something to be changed at VBios level. Likely a few HEX bytes, but with 60K to work with, and no documentation it is just guessing at this point.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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