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How to achieve maximum turbo frequency

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by noob25002, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. noob25002

    noob25002 New Member

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    1060 GTX

    i5 8400
    System board: ASUS TUF B360-Plus Gaming
    Ram: 2x 8Gb 2133mhz DDR4
    Gammaxx 300 CPU Coller
    Latest Bios.
    Win 10 x64.

    According to Intel's specifications, the turbo table of this cpu should be the following:
    4,000 MHz (1 core),
    3,900 MHz (2 cores),
    3,900 MHz (3 cores),
    3,900 MHz (4 cores),
    3,800 MHz (5 cores),
    3,800 MHz (6 cores)

    No core has ever gone over 3.8ghz. I stress tested 1 core individually, 4, then 6.
    The board does not have MCE or XMP.
    Tried setting the multiplier to 40 for the first core, the rest are auto.
    Tried all the bios settings, maxed out everything.
    In the bios it states the target for turbo is 4000mhz, and 3700mhz for cache.

    What settings do I need?
    Am I being limited by the board?
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  2. noob25002

    noob25002 New Member

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    1060 GTX
    From Intel XTU:

    This platform does not support overclocking
    Max core frequency 3.78ghz.
    Procesor cache frequency 3.49ghz.
    Power limit throteling- No.
    Range - No - Yes.
    Thermal throteling- - same as power limit.
    Current limit throteling- - same as power limit.
    System board VR - - same as power limit.

    In the comparisons page on the website , besides the others having z370 boards, the Turbo Boost Power Max was increased.
    Should I attempt to raise it as well?

    Ran stress test on one core, stayed at x38 multiplier.

    Disabled 5 cores from BIOS, here's what I got:
    1x sits at 4000mhz, x40 multiplier.
    Uncore is at 3700, x37 multiplier.

    Disabled 4 cores in BIOS:
    2x cores - 3900mhz, x39 multiplier.
    Uncore is 3600mhz, x36 multiplier.
    Tried setting the multiplier x40 for the 1st core, the 2nd left to auto, ran stress test on one core. No change.
    4x cores, same as 2.

    Intel speed step is disabled.
    Intel speed shift is enabled.
    ACPI timer is at 3580mhz.
    Virtualization is enabled.
    Cpu power enhancement is on. Is this the Multi core enhancement?

    On 6 cores the Uncore sits at 3500mhz/x35 multiplier. Is this the problem?
  3. noob25002

    noob25002 New Member

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    1060 GTX
    I figured it out.
    C states must be Auto/Enabled.
    It still does not go to 4ghz, but all cores jump around 3.9ghz from time to time.

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