How proper frametime should look? Another GTX 770 stuttering question

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    Hi everyone,

    I've asked same question on nVidia forum, but no help out there :).

    I'm experiencing some stuttering and frame skipping on my EVGA GTX 770 in various games, but maybe this is normal and I'm just being too picky/excepting too much from my low/medium-range PC?

    Games I've tested:
    Grid Autosport - I have some random frame skipping, average once per 10 minutes, sometimes bit more, sometimes less. Whole screen just freezes for a small fraction of a second and then animation gets back where it should be, so it feels like game is working even if frames are not being drawn, no choppiness in sound.

    Sniper Elite III - I think everyone (on non SSD) have stutters while game saves, but I have uneven frame time even in that game, with some random spikes while playing.

    Spintires - that one is nearly unplayable. Plenty of skipped frames.

    Stuttering is bit more visible when v-sync is on. I also have a feeling that game stutters more when there's low GPU usage.

    While playing Sniper, I have stable 60 FPS, but I still can feel some slowdowns, so I've decided to check frame time graph. Its mostly ~16.8 ms, but some spikes to 23-27 ms can be observed. Is it even possible to notice this during playing?

    Could you please tell me how proper frame time should look on my card? Shouldn't V-Synced frame time be completely flat with rare small spikes when there is 60FPS all the time?

    (Funny part: Watch Dogs works quite well... :) )

    System spec:

    Windows 7 SP1 OEM (also tested with Windows 8.1 Box)
    I5-3570k (stock clocks)
    EVGA GTX 770 (stock clocks)
    MSI Z77A-G43
    8GB 1600
    Please note that I'm plying on typical 60Hz monitor.

    PC used only for gaming, apart from Steam and drivers, no other software installed. Power profile set to performance in Windows and nVidia control panel.

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