How do I set up dual boot on Windows 10 system (adding XP)

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by 0blivious, May 10, 2019.

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    It's been awhile, I've set up dual boot systems in the past but it was adding XP with 7 or adding 10 to a win7 system. I have never done it with Windows 10 installed already as the start point.

    If I simply add XP to one of my non windows drives, won't that screw up the MBR on C:?

    Can I just physically unplug the C: (windows 10) and (other) drives and then install XP to my (current) D: drive, re-plug drives and fix the the boot menu with something like boot camp? Bad idea? Is there something easier?

    I'm doing it to play some older games that Windows 10 just outright refuses to run. I can't seem to find info on the web. All I could find was about adding 10 to an XP or 7 system.
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    as a hardcore dual boot fan, I've grown to hate it.
    if you want to dual boot, just use different hard drives. each OS on its own HDD. and as you say, install each OS with another drive unplugged.
    but Windows 10 is your jealous girlfriend, will wreck any bootloader will find around and ruin the other OS. not always, but sometimes.
    Install W 10, on C: with D: unplugged. Make a copy of the boot loader with easy BCD. Unplug C: plug D: install XP.
    power off the computer.
    connect both drivers, pressing F8 or F11 choose whatever hard disk/OS you want.
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    I would imagine you'd have to change to IDE in the bios for XP and when you want Win 10 change it back to ACHI.
    Or once its finalised you could leave it at ACHI. And happily dual boot.

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