How do I pull contacts off of an iPhone to a Win PC?

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    My roommate wants to retrieve all her contacts off of her iPhone and save them to a win7 based PC. Googling has been relatively fruitless. It's been cumbersome to say the least. :mad: Knowing what I do about Apple's POS syncing, I'm afraid Ill screw up and lose all the contacts if I click the wrong button.

    Ive read about using iTunes in concert with Outlook, Win Address book or Yahoo, but I'd prefer some app that just rips them and thats that, no syncing, no danger of losing anything on the iPhone at all. Shed also like to retrieve whats on the iPod, music, videos, pics, etc (which I can do).

    Any non Apple app that simply retrieves contact info from the iPhone without danger of losing data? Step by step instructions perhaps? Upload to the web? She has like a kajillion contacts, and I'm close to just pulling out a pen and paper... lol
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    I don't know of any other software
    Just use outlook

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