How Do I Load a Saved Profile on New PC?

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    Hey everyone,

    Just built a new system with the same GPU, I saved the profile I had on my old PC. How can I load and activate the old profile on the new system? I tried replacing and just dropping the old profile, AB does not take the profile.

    ***EDIT***So I was able to figure this out. So what you have to do is open the .cfg file in notepad for the GPU/profile you need to copy over to a new system. Allow access in security(in windows>properties>security) to read and write the file for old and new .cfg. You then copy and paste all the text from the old .cfg into the new .cfg file that AB creates. Save and you should be good to go. You should see the profile load up right away. I only have 1 profile for the GPU I am using, this might not work for multiple profiles. The .cfg file will start with VEN_. If anyone knows an easier way please let me know.
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