How are radeon drivers these days ?

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    Shouldn't that also affect the display when running the GPU disabled or without drivers on the basic Microsoft VGA adapter?
    Trying to find more info on what it actually is but so far there's nothing concrete, just that you get a different output with the Auto settings compared to Manual and there's no way to get quite the same image as the Auto mode using the manual controls.

    My own testing is pretty basic though it's been like this for a very long time although I am not sure as to what AMD's doing it's more than just being a bit above the EDID value for color temperature.
    Without proper hardware and a better technical understanding I am not certain what's going on so trying to find better information but it's mostly similar to what I am seeing in how this behaves or what it looks like.

    EDIT: As to the current display it's a upgrade over the Dell 2016 model and the first I am using which utilizes DCI-P3 with a wider gamut though it's not HDR, sRGB is also available though it locks most settings in this mode.
    LG 850 here can carry a HDR signal though but at sub 350 nits and no dimming zones or back light support plus a 8-bit panel +2 for ~10-bit via FRC yeah don't do that. :p

    1000$ - 2000$ or higher quality OLED variant panel and that's a thing but mid-tier VA to IPS variants well it can work but you'd need the dimming zones and the backlight plus a 600 nits base and that's mostly 3840x2160 or higher and larger panel sizes. :D
    (Could improve though but HDR's different to good HDR and it's mostly the fancier TV's now and some ridiculously expensive computer monitors where that's at, well for the moment at least.)

    Anyways super fancy HDR tech aside the to the best of my way of explaining it overly blown out red channel AMD interpretation of the settings in auto mode happens across both and is neutralized by simply switching to manual mode and keeping the defaults without additional changes and overrides active. (So 65.000k which should be what auto is using but still changes the resulting image.)
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    It is normal that most reddish and greenish colors look more oversaturated than many blueish tones with wide gamut display and sRGB content without proper conversion, this is not the driver's doing.

    I've tested several displays with several Nvidia and AMD cards on both Windows and Linux throughout this year and never was there such a thing as weird color deviations...
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    Hmm don't know much about DGVoodoo so I can't comment on that. I just know my Freesync 2 HDR ( Preimum ) Issues and all the other green/black screening has been solved.
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