High pitched static coming from speakers upon restart (Xonar ST)

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    This is Windows 10 64bit with an Asus Xonar ST.

    Recently I have been experiencing some random PC freezes so I googled it and found that there was some reported issues with the more recent Windows 10 update. They recommended that you check RAMby running mdsched.exe, check drives for errors, sfc /scannnow, reset page file settings.

    I did the memory test and changed the page file from my previous 0mb, to the recommended setting up to a maximum of 12,000. Now, when I restarted my computer I could hear my Asus Xonar ST relay switching like I normally do, but all I could hear was a very high pitched static sound from the speakers. It goes away once you play an audio file.

    I downloaded the second to latest Uni drivers and that did not fix the problem.....what could this be? Very odd that it happened after doing a memory test and changing the page file.

    And every once in a while, my sound will completely glitch out.....usually when fast-forwarding through a youtube video. It will max volume high pitched static and screeching. No idea what causes that. This problem can only be fixed by going into the Xonar panel and changing output from speakers to headphones and then back again.
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