High End Audiophile Thread Part 2

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    Well you would be WRONG. Who had the DDL cards? (cmedia) They were huge and the swan song of sound cards. Sound is on par with a card (regarding DDL) on the front page today! the Sound Blaster Z and you dont have to install Creative bloatware? (not that I know if thats a thing anymore).

    After Nforce2, Nvidia ditched DDL because of the DICE licensing cost. This card was the one that sparked top feature (DDL) until DTS connect, and even THAT hasn't put it away yet!

    Imo the simplicity makes it. DTS connect doesn't seem as nice as DDL (and this is coming from someone who will take DTS(x) in movies over anything basically). I know there are DDL cards and I think the new Sound Blaster even will do DDL, but this card is 15 years old, run through a pcie to pci convertor, and is comparable to the cards\solutions of today.

    It even does passthrough

    *Digital pass-through to be clear, for both optical and coax.
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    mm, except for a decade of channel swapping issues
    sudden and random bsods
    stuttering in netflix
    sudden high pitch noises

    and other issues
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    DDL and passthrough use a digital interface, they dont use a soundcards DAC.
    So the soundcard effectively becomes whatever is connected on the other end.
    What you are thinking is the soundcard was used as just a DDL encoder/digital thoroughfare.
    Its sound quality has no bearing.
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    At the time these technologies were in demand, I was running my 5.1 system via a Yamaha AV receiver, so I was using HDMI out via uncompressed PCM digital and having the receiver use it's flagship Burr Brown DACs. I didn't even need a soundcard for this, as I used an unused HDMI port on my GPU.

    But Mufflore is correct, using DD Live or AC3/DTS passthru is offloading the digital audio to your external DAC/decoder, and what hardware is on the soundcard is irrelevant.

    Today, I am running a headphone setup, and using an external USB DAC, using AKM's flagship AK4497, in conjunction with a tube preamp and discrete headphone amp. Using Waves NX / Redscape / Dolby Access / DTS:X for my virtual surround HRTF mixing, depending on source. (Mostly Waves NX for games using 7.1 out, unless it has Atmos/DTS:X option)

    So, IMO, soundcards have become irrelevant, as the cost for a high-end soundcard can yield better hardware using dedicated audio hardware via USB. Also, you cannot install an AE-9 into a laptop. :)

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