high cpu temp 90° prime95 i7-4790k

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ron7000, Jan 6, 2015.

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    for anyone following, i definitely have a bad pump with the corsair h55.
    the pump is noisy, and i can heat it the copper block for 5 minutes with heat gun and see no temperature at all at the radiator. the copper on the pump is definitely hot to touch and i mimicked the orientation of the pump as it would have sat on the cpu while heated by cpu. the 3-pin pump connector is plugged into PWR FAN on motherboard and asrock atuning shows it at a fairly steady 1500 rpm. my thermocouple from multimeter plugged into radiator, meter never moves off 70°F. and yes the meter does work and is very sensitive, hold the thermocouple end with two fingers and temp goes to 90°F within 5 seconds. glad i checked it, now i'm happy about sending it back.


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