hey i have some problems can anyone help me ?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by AL_ACE, Jan 28, 2001.

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    ok heres my computer <BR>K7 800 <BR>MSI-6167 slot A<BR>arueal vortex 2<BR>27 gig wd uta ata 66<BR>geforce 256 SDR<BR>256 meg or pc-100<BR>just a wondering what could be the problem sometimes when i play games or just normal idleing my computer just freezes and just looks up i have some people tell me its my mother bored with the irongate and viper chipset ! any help ill be glad if it keeps up iam thinking oon getting the abit KA7-100 mobo !
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    I need more info. What driver versions are you using for the video, mobo BIOS, and do you have any network cards in the PC?<P>BM
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    i belive its 6.42 detonater drivers for the geforce<P>it is award 1.0b !!<BR>yes i have a network card ! but before i added the network card it was still doing the same thing !
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    Ah, the sweet spot.
    Well, all the reading I've done so far indicates that the MSI-6167 is a very stable board. MSI has discontinued it, but there are still bios updates for it on their website, <A HREF="http://www.msi.com.tw/support/bios/oldbios.htm." TARGET=_blank>http://www.msi.com.tw/support/bios/oldbios.htm.</A> <BR>Flashing a new BIOS may help.<P>So I think that it's something like a BIOS switch that got futzed (a highly scientific term, I know) like superbypass, or a funky driver that got installed, most likely the 6.42. Try using the official 6.31 drivers (on our downloads page!) for the GeForce and see if that helps. Failing all of that, you will have to do a complete rebuild of the thing just to get the gremlins out.<P>Good luck!<BR>BM

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