Heur.Corrupt.PE@-1, Driver Sweeper 2.1.0

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    I recently (about 3 hours ago) installed a new copy of Windows 7.

    I updated Windows and all the PC Drivers. I downloaded and used Driver Sweeper 2.1.0 when I updated my ATI Vid Card Driver. (Downloaded Driver Sweeper from the Guru3D website).

    I decided to give Comodo Internet Security a try, so downloaded and installed it. Did a Full Scan with it about 30 minutes ago.

    In the scan was found: Heur.Corrupt.PE@-1. Found in File \Programs\Driver Sweeper\~WebUpdateTmpFolder\Driver Sweeper.exe

    I thought for sure it was a False Positive except the Driver Sweeper's own Update system didn't work properly, the program would always "Stopped Working" during the update process, so to be on the safe side I decided to upload the file directly to Comodo. I received a reply Email in less then 10 minutes.

    Quote from the Comodo Email:


    This is to inform you that the file you have submitted to us is not a False Positive. The file is indeed corrupt.

    Best regards,
    Florin Gogoseanu
    Comodo Antivirus Lab "

    I've thus quarantined the infected Driver Sweeper File.

    Main reason I've written this Thread is to give others a heads-up in that I do believe the Driver Sweeper 2.1.0 Download from the Guru3D site is Infected with a Virus
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    I do not use Comodo, but did they not say it was a corrupt file, and I am not sure, but how does that make it a virus?

    Upload the file to VirusTotal for a second opinion.
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