Hercules AIW 9800Se TV-tuner not working.

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    Hi Leutz!

    I recently bought a nice PAL Hercules AIW Prohept 9800Se. Everything was working fine, but after formating and reinstalling Win2k, the TV-Tuner isn't working.

    I installed

    Win2kSP4 slipstreamed
    NForce Remix Driver 3.14b
    DirectX 9.0b + Microsoft Tuner Fix
    Catalyst 3.9 with modded atimtag.sys for 8 pixel pipelines + CP + Capture Driver
    DVD Encorder and DAO / MDAC
    MMC 8.7
    Remote Wonder 2.1

    Everything is working fine except the Tuner. The TV option does not appear in the Launch Pad and when doubleklicking the TV link in the Start Menu the Windows hour glass appears for a second or two but nothing happens. I reinstalled the display driver, the WDM driver and the MMC several times, but the problem remains. All drivers are installed correctly, there is no yellow dot in the device manager. Strangely if I select Ati Rage TV Capture in the TV tab of the MMC configuration utility, it tells me the driver isn't supportet and it is set back to none when opening the utility again.

    I did the registry hack to enabel the error logging of the MMC and it told me the following:
    - Athlon XP 2500+@2300MHz (11.5x200MHz, VCore 1.65V)
    - Epox 8RDA+, Revision 1.1 A2-stepping, Bios: 3716
    - PSU Enermax EG 465AX-VE FM, 431 Watt ATX, aktive PFC
    - Hercules AIW Radeon 9800SE@Pro @430/366, 77 MHz AGP
    - 1x512 MB Infineon PC2700 RAM @200 MHz, 6-3-3-2,5
    - Plantronics DSP-500
    - Fritz!Card DSL

    Everything is installed correctly:

    Capture Driver not supported:

    lauchpad lacking the TV button:

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    i have your same problem!!! anyone know how to fix?

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