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    Hello guys,

    I think I have a faulty video card and would appreciate your help.

    Here's the story:

    A month ago I bought a second hand Nvidia GTX 470 with MSI Twin Frozr III cooling. I got it specifically for CUDA rendering with the Adobe suite.

    The temperatures for this card ranged from 60 degrees on idle to about 80-90 on load. The video card also made my CPU (Core 2 Duo E8500) run a lot hotter than previously - the CPU would go to about 76 - 78 degrees on full load with the stock cooler from Intel.

    I noticed that while rendering with CUDA, the GPU usage did not go up, and the video card would not heat up at all (is this normal?). The only times where the video card was stressed were while playing games.

    Yesterday I spent the whole day working in After Effects and rendering clips. The CPU, as usual would go to about 78 degrees max, the video card stayed at about 60-70.

    In the end I got these blue and yellow stripes on the screen and I can't get rid of them. I get them before starting Windows, during POST, please see the screenshot Windows reports that the video card has a problem and it's been disabled. Sometimes while booting I also get a BSOD that mentions an Nvidia .sys file, I forgot the name.

    I'm using Basiq 550W PSU.

    I've already checked with an older video card and stripes do not appear.

    So... is there anything I can do about this? Do you think the video card fried? I've read some forums that were saying it could be a VRAM issue.

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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    1080Ti H20
    Hardware issue.

    A GTX 470 running at 90c for almost a decade.

    I'd say it's dead.
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    hd 6870
    probably dead ,

    you could try baking it in a toaster oven and repasting / replacing thermal pads, though it can be difficult on fermi since it has to be delidded, at this point the tim it shipped with under the ihs has probably long dried out.

    honestly , its probably not worth the repair time.
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    Dead. Sorry to say but it's an old card and it's most likely just given up.

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    It is not "dead" some way..

    Give a try:

    Your GPU card is not as same as on the above video but you can unpack it.
    (remove the paste using tissue paper [no need for rubbing alcohol])
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